Measurement of consumption in condominiums: 3 optimization opportunities

As a fundamental step in billing, the optimization of consumption measurement in condominiums can mean time savings, a reduction in the possibility of errors and valuable differentials for tenants.

A tensioning factor is the approval of Law No. 13,312 / 2016, which determines that new projects, starting in 2021, have individualized water consumption measurements. Administrators who usually adopt the apportionment system as a rule may need to adapt their work routine to unit measurements, similarly to what is usually done with light consumption.

Check out tips from our experts to optimize this process:

Measurement of Consumption in Condominiums: attention to the checking of information

Measuring the consumption of a series of housing units is a repetitive process that opens up opportunities for errors. The reader may be mistaken when adding an extra digit to the value or even not paying attention to major changes in reading from one month to another.

Furthermore, it is important to correctly report problems such as violation of the record or inability to read on the scheduled day. Therefore, it is important that the administrator or the condominium establish an intelligent and reliable system for reading. Ideally, the information collected can be easily compared to the previous data standard, to ensure that there are no major unjustified divergences.

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Invest in transparency

Trust in the management team is certainly one of the main differentials in the service provided. For residents, the guarantee that the reading is being done correctly is one of the factors that contribute to this feeling of security.

Therefore, providing residents with access to measurement values ​​is a special care that values ​​work. This can be done by listing the numbers directly in the collection or, still, making them available on a communication platform. For the customer, it is the possibility to monitor their consumption and plan their budget more carefully.

Reduce rework

Traditionally, data from the measurement of consumption in condominiums, made by a reader, are passed on to the financial sector of the condominium or administrator. The team, then, must transfer all the information manually to the system in which they are registered internally. In addition to the time spent, this process makes room for errors.

Therefore, investing in automation can be a precious outlet, especially for organizations that already have financial management software. The advantages of technology in this regard go beyond saving time: automating processes also ensures greater information security and provides an opportunity to offer attractive differentials in the service.

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